First Blackbelts for Midleton TaeKwon-Do Ninjas

This week saw the Midelton TaeKwon-Do School grade their first ninja blackbelts. The TaeKwon-Do ninja classes are a martial arts course run for younger kids aged between 4 and 7, and is aimed as an introduction into fitness and martial arts, giving the students a massive head start for when they begin the harder more advance training of full TaeKwon-Do.


The Midleton Club was opened two years ago by instructors Mr. James Dwyer and Mr. Paul Manning, both being local, national, international and world winning medalists, and the club has grown with great success during that time. Out of the first class that had begun the course, five of the best ninjas managed to acheive all of their belts and master all of their ninja skills to become the club's first blackbelt students.


Some of the skills they had to master to acheive this great feat included balance, kicking, focus, team work, memory, fitness, sparring, co-ordination, discipline and control.


Josh, Oisin, Jack, Eoghan M. and Eoghan B. all demonstrated an extremely high level of kicks, jumps, spins, punches and formidable martial arts capability, serving as great examples for all the other ninjas working their way up through the belts. The five blackbelts will now train one last term before graduating to full TaeKwon-Do as yellow belts. Where it takes two years to acheive a ninja blackbelt, it will take nearly four more years to acheive their full TaeKwon-Do blackbelt. But judging on the strength, skill and dedication they have already shown, their instructors have no doubts that they will achieve all their goals.


The ninja classes run on Saturday mornings, 10-11, and 11-12, in the community area of the market green shopping centre and are currently taking on new beginners for the summer term starting soon. Please contact us for more details or feel free to come down and watch.

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