Midleton TaeKwon-Do Club - a review of 2010

January - students from Mildeton TKD fought in their first tournament in Ballincollig and took home 4 trophies from 3 students, an excellent result

 - Midleton TKD Instructor James Dwyer qualified to represent Ireland as a middle weight fighter for the TaeKwon-Do World Championships in Korea for July 2010, also qualifying for the Irish Destruction Team and as an Individual for Power Destruction

March - Instructor James Dwyer takes gold in the middle weight sparring division at the ITF Aragon Tournament in Zaragosa, Spain.

April - Midleton TKD club grading, raising 6 new Yellow tags and 14 new Yellow Belts

May - Instructor James Dwyer takes gold in the IUTF Connaught Championships held in Galway

July - ITF TaeKwonDo World Championships, Korea 2010, Midleton Instructor James Dwyer becomes the TaeKwonDo middle weight World Champion 2010 after fighting 13 rounds over two days. He is also invited to join the open weight Irish Team when one of their members became too injured to compete and fought on the Irish Team to win a Bronze for his Country as well as his Gold.

August - Midleton Tkd club Grading, raising 3 new Yellow Tags, 5 new Yellow Belts, and 14 new Green Tags

November - IUTF National Championships, Midleton tkd take home 15 medals from just 10 competitiors, including 5 new National Champions

 - TKDI Carrigaline Competition, Midleton tkd take home 15 trophies from just 12 students, another excellent result to add to an excellent year

December - Midleton Tkd Club Grading, raising 7 new Yellow Tags, 4 new Green Tags, and 17 new Green Belts

Well done to everyone for all the hard work and training they've put into the club and we look forward to having another fantastic year in 2011

midleton world champion
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