Midleton Tul Tournament

The 1st Midleton Tul Tournament will take place Sunday the 25th of September in the St. John the Baptist National School (directions: take slip road into midleton and continue straight through central roundabout down main street. Take left after extra vision and continue down narrow road. School is the blue building on the right.)


Introduction: The Midleton Tul Tournament is different from standard competitions, where it does not focus on sparring, but instead is a test of each student's technical skills. The hope of this competition is to ease students back into the training season by practising their patterns and participating in a small friendly environment.


For juniors, this is a patterns only tournament, where each student will be entered into two different sections to compete: the first is the section of their belt and their age, where there will be trophies for 1st, 2nd and joint 3rd, and the second will be a Grand Champion for their age, where there will be eight more trophies to win and one title of Grand Champion!


For adults then this is a patterns and destruction tournament, with a total of four sections to compete in. The first is the section of their belt and age, the second is the adult Grand Champion, then there are the two destruction categories of hand and foot.


The Running time will be as follows:

9.30am - Hall Opens

10.00am - Under 6 categories

11.00am - Under 8 categories

12.00pm - Under 10 categories

1.00pm - Under 12 categories

2.00pm - Under 14 and Under 16 categories

3.00pm - 17 and over, adult and veteran categories

4.00pm - Adult Destruction categories


Please note that the sections may start later than stated but will not start earlier. Due to space restirctions within the hall we would ask that students only arrive at the start time of their sections.


We hope that everyone will find this Tul Tournament as something different and something interesting, and serve as a great kick start to the upcoming taekwondo season.

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