Standard raised high on latest Grading

During the last TaeKwon-Do Ireland Grading held in Blackrock taekwondo club, a total of 37 students travelled from Midleton and after a long night of hard testing, were all successful in acheiving their next grade.


Among them were 7 new Yellow Belts, 6 new Green Belts and an amazing 14 new Blue Belts. There were even 5 students who got full marks in their grading and both examiners, Mr. Gerard Allen and Ms. Brenda Greene said that the standard was extremely high.


Their instructor, Mr. James Dwyer, is extremely proud of them and of all the hard work they had put into their training coming up to the grading. Relieved that is it over the club is now turning its focus to the upcoming season of tournaments where it will dedicate itself to shining just as brightly!

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