TAGB World Championships 2013

This weekend saw 13 Midleton Students travel over to Coventry to compete in the 10th TaeKwon-Do International Open World Championships. With over 30 countries and 3000 competitors it was one of the largest ever held and had some of the highest quality ever seen at a taekwondo world championships, so every student knew that if we came home with even one medal then it was worth celebrating and...

The Midleton Club came home with 9 World Medals!

Ben O Callaghan (10) fought through 7 rounds to make it to the Yellow Belt Light Weight Division and won a World Silver Medal!

Jack Horgan (12) equaled this feat and fought his way to the Green Belt Light Weight Division, also winning a World Silver Medal!

Natalia Hefkaluk (13) was due to fight in light weight but was moved to Middle Weight, where she fought her way through much taller opponents to win a World Bronze Medal!

Dominika Matczak (15) won a World Bronze Medal in the Blue Belt Middle Weight Division and after seeing her skills, was invited to fight on a Blue & Red Belt Team and went onto to win a second Bronze Medal!

Verline Beunchou (14) fought in the Junior Black Belt Heavy Weight Division and won Bronze before joining the Irish Ladies Team and winning a World Silver Medal for her club and country

Donna O Mahony (15) then went all the way and won GOLD in the Green Belt Middle Weight Division, and fought up a division to join the Junior Irish Ladies Black Belt Team winning a World Silver Medal also!

So a fantastic acheivement for everyone involved, with each fighter doing both their club and country proud! It all goes towards greater experience to their already exceptional talent, and every fighter is already looking towards the TAGB European Championships in Switzerland next March!

Midleton Squad representing Ireland
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