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Midleton win 13 Gold from 13 Students!

The Midleton Club got the new year off to a flying start when 13 junior students travelled down to the Ballincollig TKDI competition to compete in traditional patterns and sparring.

Midleton Tul Tournament

The 1st Midleton Tul Tournament will take place Sunday the 25th of September in the St. John the Baptist National School (directions: take slip road into midleton and continue straight through central roundabout down main street. Take left after extra vision and continue down narrow road. School is the blue building on the right.)


Standard raised high on latest Grading

During the last TaeKwon-Do Ireland Grading held in Blackrock taekwondo club, a total of 37 students travelled from Midleton and after a long night of hard testing, were all successful in acheiving their next grade.


Among them were 7 new Yellow Belts, 6 new Green Belts and an amazing 14 new Blue Belts. There were even 5 students who got full marks in their grading and both examiners, Mr. Gerard Allen and Ms. Brenda Greene said that the standard was extremely high.


Midleton European Champions

The IUTF European TaeKwon-Do Championships were recently held in Ireland, and Midleton TaeKwon-Do club sent out 17 of its students to represent their club, town and country. Having trained intensively for the months before hand, every single student was as ready as they could be, and from the 17 students that entered, they brought home an unbelievable 26 European medals, including 7 gold!

Full month of victories for Midleton club

Over April, the Midleton Taekwondo Club has been very busy: At the beginning of the month, the adult and teenage students made the long trip to Galway to compete in the Nui Galway Open. Two car loads of seven students left early in the morning and spent the day fighting and competing in traditional forms to bring home an amazing eleven medals, three gold, four silver and five bronze, Arnaugh and Thomas bringing the gold back to Midleton.


First Blackbelts for Midleton TaeKwon-Do Ninjas

This week saw the Midelton TaeKwon-Do School grade their first ninja blackbelts. The TaeKwon-Do ninja classes are a martial arts course run for younger kids aged between 4 and 7, and is aimed as an introduction into fitness and martial arts, giving the students a massive head start for when they begin the harder more advance training of full TaeKwon-Do.


NUI Galway Opens

The TaeKwon-Do Ireland Senior Tournament was taken by storm by Midleton's adult and teenage fighters. Making the long journey in force, three car loads of competitors drove up and down on the same day, bringing back more glory for the Midleton TaeKwon-Do Club.


Midleton students have great local success

In the last few weeks, the Midleton TaeKwon-Do club has knocked out all competition in the recent tournaments held in Little Island and in Blackrock.


The Scion Tournament in Little Island saw the club win eight for eight, as eight students entered and brought back eight trophies between them. They shone in the adult categories particuarly where Thomas and Warren won out the beginners and intermediate sparring categories respectively, and for both it was just their first competition.


Midleton TaeKwon-Do Club - a review of 2010

January - students from Mildeton TKD fought in their first tournament in Ballincollig and took home 4 trophies from 3 students, an excellent result

 - Midleton TKD Instructor James Dwyer qualified to represent Ireland as a middle weight fighter for the TaeKwon-Do World Championships in Korea for July 2010, also qualifying for the Irish Destruction Team and as an Individual for Power Destruction

midleton world champion

Midleton Ninjas - New Term Beginning

Midleton TaeKwon-Do Ninja classes are starting this January on Saturday mornings in the community area of Market Green Shopping Centre.

The TaeKwon-Do Ninja classes are for younger students of ages 4-7, and introduces children to martial arts in a fun and energetic way, teaching discipline, respect, co-ordination and fitness.

Class times run from 10-11 (colour belt class) and 11-12 (beginners class)

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